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The Navient Lawsuit Concludes Without Help for Borrowers

The Navient Lawsuit Concludes Without Help for Borrowers

Sorry didnt see this comment before seeing your other one

If it is Navient education loan Trust then it is an exclusive loan of course you’ve held it’s place in standard quite a few years you ought to assist a education loan lawyer.

Often borrowers think FFEL loans are personal when they’re actually federal. Therefore simply sign in with a lawyer then you could work with us if you’re in default if you’re not.

Thanks for the reply that is speedy. My loan is a Signature Student Loan. It has been the problem that is biggest to locate any type of relief. I do want to at minimum find a real method to relieve my buddy of their cosigner place, as he’s working with a variety of monetary hardships of their own and wouldn’t manage to help economically by any means. Issue is that we cannot manage consecutive $1k+ loan payments for the total amount of time necessary in Navient’s eyes to drop him. I happened to be additionally looking for ways to form some type of settlement offer if there was clearly an approach to achieve this without strategically defaulting first. We don’t believe I’ve ever defaulted with this loan, when I always finished up in forbearance initially, and am in a rate that is current plan with Navient.