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Break Even testing – how exactly to determine the take off level

Break Even testing – how exactly to determine the take off level

For performing a mining project’s break also evaluation, you need to learn about the expenses that are operationalOPEX). As soon as the OPEX is famous, you can easily calculate the mineral’s cut down level, that will be the break also class, below which it isn’t financially viable to mine the ore. To discover the way I show up with all the cost cost per tonne (OPEX) if your feasibility research is not offered, you are referred by me towards the note at the end of the web web web page.

I first need to show a basic equation which converts a troy ounce into grams per ton before I can calculate the cut off grade:

1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grms per great deal = 34.2857143 grams per tonne

As you can plainly see, the essential difference between a great deal and a tonne is roughly 10%.

Then, you should be alert to the after conversion rates:

1 ton = 2,000 weight 1 tonne = 2,204.62262 weight = 1,000 kilograms 1 kg = 2.20462262 weight 1% of the tonne = 22.0462262 weight = 22 pounds (curved)

I really believe this conversion that is last truly convenient, since when We read a mining company’s news release by which they declare an exercise results of 2% copper, We today rapidly understand this equals to 44 pounds (pounds), or – presuming a copper cost of $ 3 per pound – a mineral worth of $ 132 per tonne. For more information on how it is possible to figure out the mineral worth per tonne, i suggest you to definitely see the material price web web page.

Into the next instance, you will discover the hypothetical stop quality for an ounce of gold (which will be really the break even analysis for gold mining):

Note: if the price price per tonne cannot be based in the mining company’s feasibility research, we kindly ask the mining company’s administration to provide me personally their particular most readily useful estimate.

to be additional conventional in my own calculation, we generally use a price reduction price of 20% regarding the true numbers obtained.

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