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Note – there have been really two various variants for the model that is first St. Charles quiver. The very first variation from 1961 until 1963 had no chest band, using the chest band being added for the 1964 year and for all models thereafter.

Note – there have been really two various variants for the model that is first St. Charles quiver. The very first variation from 1961 until 1963 had no chest band, using the chest band being added for the 1964 year and for all models thereafter.

The model that is second. Charles quiver had been available in “antique elk hide” (a smooth fabric) starting in 1965, and also the final model ended up being for sale in vinyl starting in 1971.

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The St. Charles quiver ended up being discontinued following the 1974 catalog.

This really is an image associated with second selection of the St. Charles Quiver, with classic elk hide construction. Realize that the leather-based is smooth when compared with the model that is first ended up being available in suede.

Both associated with the fabric models command a complete large amount of attention with todays enthusiasts, whilst the plastic model is just averagely desirable.

Fred Bear s “Secrets of Hunting”

Album and Cassette

This edition that is limited record album was initially made for sale in 1968, not formally placed in the catalog until 1969. Recorded with Curt Gowdy of Sportscaster popularity, Fred relates numerous stories of their hunts and methods for success. Sold for $1.00 within the catalog, this product just lasted until 1970, with regards to ended up being discontinued. With this right time over 60,000 documents had been offered. Charges for this record have actually soared recently, when I have experienced auctions bringing as much as $30-50 each for a copy that is good.

Note – Is $50 practical for a product with fairly production that is large? This item has gotten out of control and needs to come back to earth in value in my opinion.

In 1983 Bear re-introduced the “Secrets of searching” being a cassette. This variation lasted through 1986. I have maybe perhaps not seen a cassette sell or trade in the additional market recently, so value is actually undetermined, but as I stated before if it states Bear Archery onto it make sure that somebody, someplace desires it bad.

Early Bow Quivers

Fred Bear patented the initial bow quiver in 1946. This model that is first quiver has turned out to be referred to as “Scabbard Quiver” due to it is all fabric look, aside from the beds base in which the arrow videos are installed. This quiver that is original made from soft sheepskin, had been available just in a 3 arrow model, had been produced from 1946 through 1956.

The famous “leather top” quiver, acknowledged by the brown steel framework and bonnet with leather-based limit, became for sale in 1956 into the screw-on and a tape-on variety.. The spring-arm variety had not been available until 1963. These models were all 4 arrow design and were final placed in the catalog in 1971.

The 8-arrow quiver from Bear Archery ended up being introduced in 1963.

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From left to appropriate, the model that is first Quiver from 1946, the screw-on fabric top quiver first introduced in 1956, and also the springtime supply leather-based top quiver maybe maybe maybe not introduced until 1963.

Chronology of Activities for Bear Archery Business

I would really like to shut with an account associated with the final time that i eventually got to spending some time with Fred. It had been 1986, I think, during the Shot Show in brand New Orleans. I happened to be a time that is small dealer whom got the honor to be invited up to a gala celebration that Bear Archery had been keeping in a sizable open-air courtyard on Bourbon Street. We just received an invite due to a detailed friendship with my Bear rep, and just discovered as I was taking in the sights and sounds of Bourbon Street with other dealer friends that I would be going millionaire match reviews an hour before the party was to start.

I was dressed in blue-jeans and a very casual shirt as it was. Upon my entry to the ongoing party i had been astounded during the sight. Everyone else, after all every person, was at matches and also tuxedos. There have been flat-bottom ships filled with shrimp, craw-fish, along with other appetizers. Free refreshments that are liquid here for the asking in the rear of the space. Feeling completely away from spot, i discovered a large part in the back of the Courtyard and proceeded to earn straight back the maximum amount of associated with revenue that I experienced given Bear that year as i really could, consuming my fat in seafood.

Then, away from nowhere arrived this big shadow over me personally. I seemed around see Fred wheeling an oxygen cart in a single hand and a cool can of budweiser into the other. Their eyes had been on me personally into the back corner by myself. As he approached with trademark smile of their, he chuckled while he stated, “Boy i definitely am happy that i will be perhaps not investing in these things any longer”. For the next fifteen minutes I had probably the most conversation that is wonderful Fred, a thing that i shall remember. That has been similar to Fred i assume, singling me personally call at space high in big-shots, likely due to my blue-jeans and shoes. Ttheir is his design, and also the matches and ties are not. We wandered away from that celebration with a brand name wristwatch that is new a Bear Archery business view directed at me personally by Fred himself. This watch holds a place of honor in my collection unlike few other items I possess today.

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